UHF transceivers are very popular among professional pilots, who appreciate especially the high reliability of this type of transceivers. It is possible to switch between manual frequency display and preset mode. You can also browse through channels and adjust the volume. UHF transceivers feature intuitive, easy-to-read displays.

Most of our UHF transceivers are able to resist very challenging weather conditions, and therefore can be used at very high as well as low temperatures. It will not result in malfunction and they will remain the main source of radio communication and important information. Bendix King will surely convince you of the high quality of their transceivers. We offer you this type of transceivers in both transceiver version and control version.

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SL30 Install Kit
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BendixKing KTR-909BendixKing KTR-909

BendixKing KTR-909

UHF COM Transceiver
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BendixKing KTR-909BBendixKing KTR-909B

BendixKing KTR-909B

UHF COM Transceiver, w/ Guard
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BendixKing KFS-599BBendixKing KFS-599B

BendixKing KFS-599B

UHF COM Control
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