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iPad Mini Panel Mount
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New BOSE Proflight Aviation Headset

New BOSE Proflight Aviation Headset

Lightweight, Comfortable, Three Levels of User Selectable Active Noise Cancellation

Bose, a leader in premium aviation headsets, introduced its new active noise cancelling headset for the flight deck, the Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset. 

Trig TMA44/45 audiopanel

Trig TMA44/45 audiopanel

The TMA44 suits aircraft owners looking for a great value panel that covers general aviation requirements. This panel supports 2-4 seats with independent control of crew and passenger audio. The TMA45 is fully featured panel, perfect for aircraft owners who don’t want to compromise. If you are looking for great quality audio, stereo music and mobile phone support via Bluetooth then this panel provides it all. 

Garmin D2 Charlie watch

Garmin D2 Charlie watch

We’re excited to announce the D2 Charlie aviator watch, an elegant and functional timepiece that boasts global navigation information, rich and colorful moving maps and a host of connectivity options. Designed with pilots, aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots in mind, the D2 Charlie aviator watch features real-time worldwide weather radar, as well as airport information that includes frequencies, runway information, weather data and more.

You've never known a Zulu like this before

You've never known a Zulu like this before

Delta Zulu launches the next generation of aviation headsets with Lightspeed’s best ANR to date. While also introducing groundbreaking new technologies that could save the lives of both pilots and passengers.

We have opened new aircraft service at Brno International Airport

We have opened new aircraft service at Brno International Airport

EASA Part 145 certified AIR TEAM service expanded its capacities in the spring months by opening a hangar in the Aeroclub Slatina at Brno Airport, employed four certified avionics specialists and purchased professional equipment for upgrading aircraft avionics systems.

Garmin: Smart Glide

Garmin: Smart Glide

Garmin continues to enhance aviation safety with the introduction of Smart Glide.

GTN 650 Ideal Choice for Pilots

GTN 650 Ideal Choice for Pilots

GTN 650 is an ideal choice for pilots who want a fully integrated solution in a small facility. The system combines GPS, NAV, and COM radio station, plus offers a number of features such as high definition field mapping, graphic flight planning, satellite weather, air traffic and much more...

Electronics International: Innovation for Better Flights

Explore Electronics International's cutting-edge innovations designed to enhance your aviation experience. From advanced avionics solutions to state-of-the-art flight data monitoring systems, our technology is revolutionizing the way you fly. Discover how our products can improve safety, efficiency, and overall performance during your journeys. Stay at the forefront of aviation technology with Electronics International, where innovation takes flight.

Ultimate Guide: Smart Features of Garmin GFC Autopilots for Aviation

Garmin GFC autopilots are fully packed with smart safety features with a simple goal – to give you the tools to become a safer pilot and enjoy flying even more.

Check the Ultimate Avionics Guide to Garmin GFC and use the shared knowledge to take your flying to the next level.

During Test Flight

Cessna 172S Garmin G500TXi Glass Cockpit

The first installation of the new Garmin G500 TXi Glass Cockpit with GTN 750 navigator, GNC 255 COM/NAV radio, DME, GTX335 transponder, ADX-B / FLARM TRX-1500 anti-collision system, and autopilot. As a backup of the system is the newly certified Garmin G5. All analogue devices and vacuum system were removed during modernization.

Bose Appreciation Programme

Bose Appreciation Programme

The appreciation programme’s intent is to thank you for purchasing a Bose aviation headset and your service and commitment to the aviation community.

With the GTR 20 there is a 2 place intercom, I have a 4 place airplane, what I have to do to have intercom with the 2 extra places?

You will need to purchase a GMA 245 audio panel or 245R remote audio panel to support a 4 place aircraft.

Whats included in the 6 Cyclinder Probe Kit?

(6 ea) CHT Type K Thermocouple, 3/8-24 Bayonet (6 ea) EGT Type K Thermocouple, Bayonet Oil Temperature, RTD, 5/8-18 UNG-3A Fuel Flow, 1/4" Female NPT Ammeter, Shunt, +/-50 mV, 100 amps Oil Pressure, 150 PSIG, 1/8-27 NPT Manifold Pressure, 30 PSIA, 1/8-27 NPT.

What does the WAAS upgrade add to the classic GNS-400/500 series units?

The hardware and software upgrade for WAAS to the classic GNS-400/500 series navigators adds FAA TSO C146a Gamma-3 certification. This upgrade and certification enables pilots to fly Lateral-Precision with Vertical guidance approaches and receive GPS navigation via the Wide Area Augmentation System.

What type of faceplate / bezel assembly does the KT-76A have and what is this important?

The KT-76A has a plastic bezel assembly which contains the selector switches for ATC code input. This faceplate is held onto the radio assembly by 4 screws. When the faceplate ages, is mishandled or secured too tightly, this plastic bezel can crack. If left cracked and with continued usage, this faceplate can eventually become separated from the transponder thus increasing the possibility of erroneous transponder performance.

What is the difference between the classic Garmin GNS-400/500 GPS/Nav/Comms and the GNS-400W/500W units?

What is the difference between the classic Garmin GNS-400/500 GPS/Nav/Comms and the GNS-400W/500W units?

The 400/500W units with WAAS capability offer many new features and enhancements over the classic models. Some enhancements include WAAS enable GPS antenna, receiver, and software. The 400W/500W series units comply with WAAS TSO C146a and include hardware upgrades with a faster micro-processor. A terrain database for terrain awareness is included a standard feature. Most importantly, the WAAS GPS receiver allows pilots to use the GNS-400W/500W units for primary navigation and vertical guidance for LPV, L/VNAV, and LNAV+V approaches.

What details need to be considered when upgrading the KT-70, KT-71, KT-76A, or KT-76C to the KT-73 and interfacing to the KMD-550/850 MFD?

The KT-73 will fit into most of KT-70/71/76A/76C mounting racks and utilizes the same main connector. However, there are other factors to consider. First, the KT-73 rack includes a configuration module that will store aircraft parameters for the Mode S function. This configuration module is located in the silver box on the right side of the rack. In addition, the configuration module has a male connector which can be seen when you peel off the silver tape from the box. The designation of this connector is JKT73-4.

All of the TIS (traffic) interface connections for the KMD-550/850 interface are not located on the main connector of the KT-73 (JKT73-1). The TIS ARINC 429 data is output from the KT-73 into the KMD-540 MFD and then output from the KMD-540 into the small config module connector. The small mating connector for JKT73-4 can be purchased separately however it is more cost effective to simply purchase the entire KT-73 installation kit for this scenario.

In conclusion, when upgrading the KT-70/71/76A/76C transponder to the KT-73 with the intention of interfacing to the KMD-550/850 MFD for TIS traffic, you must purchase the correct KT-73 mounting rack and installation kit.

My radio altimeter indicator is locked up between 5-50 feet, what could be the problem?

Display lockup is a commonly encountered problem where the indicator locks up at a low indicated altitude between 5-50 feet. Some pilots will report that the radio altimeter will work normally at low altitudes but after climbing above a certain altitude the indicator locks up. Once the aircraft descends past the locked altitude, the radio altimeter works normally again.

In almost all cases, the cause of lockup is excessive signal leakage between the receive and transmit antennas. Signal leakage is commonly caused by the following situations:

  • Antenna reflections hitting an object below the fuselage such as landing gear, skids, or searchlights.
  • Poor ground plane between the antennas and the airframe, antennas not mounted on the same piece of metal, or antennas mounted on composite material.

What is SELCAL?

SELCAL or Selective Calling is a function that allows a ground radio operator to alert an aircraft crew that the operator wishes to communicate with that aircraft. Because of the background noise level experienced on HF (High Frequency) radio frequencies, pilots usually prefer to turn down the audio level of their HF receiver until alerted via Selcal. When the ground station operator wants to communicate with the aircraft, they enter into the Selcal encoder the four letter code of that aircraft. This four letter code is usually included in the aircraft's flight plan and it is transmitted over the assigned radio channel. All aircraft monitoring that specific channel receive the Selcal broadcast but only those that have been programmed with that four letter code will respond by sounding a chime or some other alert for the crew.

Are there any additional benefits added to the GNS-400/500 series units during the WAAS upgrade?

Yes, some are noticeable and some are minor. The WAAS upgrade to the GNS-400/500 series units WAAS upgrade includes a faster 5Htz update rate on the GPS signal. Therefore, the GPS receiver in the unit is extracting GPS information 5 times per second instead of 1 time per second as with original units.

If the terrain advisory feature is installed on the 400/500 series unit, then the terrain information will have a higher resolution.

When the GDL69 datalink is interfaced to the WAAS upgraded units, the weather will cover the entire USA instead of just 250 miles. METARS are included in the waypoint section making it easier to see weather information for a particular destination. Installations using the GDL69A with music will now be able to view the title and artist name on the GNS display.

Lastly, the WAAS upgrade provides the ability to fly curved flight paths with a roll steering autopilot for pilots who wish to utilize DME arcs or full approaches.

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