You can request repair or service using our online form. Once the request is made specialists from the Service Department will contact you with service number (RMA). Then you can send the goods by mail to our address. Make sure to include the service number and a cover letter.

AIR TEAM service is EASA Part145 certified and offers full aftermarket services that starts from complete overhauls and modification to simple tasks like cosmetic touch-up, cleaning, and component replacement.

Describe fault in detail incl. operational history.

Upload a photo or video showing the described problem.

Note that the minimum evaluation fee is 100 EUR + VAT if applicable for all repairs. In the case of a repair, the evaluation fee is deducted from the repair price. In some cases, if the estimate requires at least a partial repair of the unit, the parts and labor invested to arrive at a meaningful "estimate" will be billable if the repair is refused. The warranty period is 90 days from the date the repair is complete. This warranty only covers the parts and labor used to fix the issue that was repaired -- it does not apply to other, unrelated failures during this period. The warranty is void if the unit shows abuse, alternations, broken seals, improper installation or improper packaging for shipment.

Incorrect or incomplete information may delay service request.
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