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The Kannad 406 AF-COMPACT is designed for private pilotes, for all light aircraft requiring a very compact automatic fixed ELT.

This new generation of ELT offers all the latest improvements of the COSPAS-SARSAT system with the 406 MHz frequency at a very competitive price for full package.

Designed for all light aircraft requiring a very compact automatic fixed ELT without breaking the bank.

The robust and reliable shock sensor will automatically activate the ELT in the event of an impact; the pilot can also activate the ELT manually via a remote switch on the instrument panel.

Main Features

  • Emergency Locator Transmitter Pack
  • Low cost two wire compatibility when installed with optional control panel
  • Minor change approval available fior most common aircraft
  • Operates at temperatures as low as -20°C
  • -40°C version available for mounting outside pressurised fuselage.
  • Optional programming dongle, perfect for fleet operators
  • Quick and easy retrofit with universal mounting bracket
  • Built-in alarm/buzzer
  • Completely self-powered by the ELT battery (replacement every 6 years).
  • Once activated the 406 AF INTEGRA transmits continuously for over 48 hours on 406MHz (distress) signal and on a 121.5MHz (homing) signal, alerting international rescue services to the emergency and your location via the global COSPAS-SARSAT Search andRescue satellite system.
  • 406 AF COMPACT ELT transmitter with 6 year battery
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • RC200 Remote Control switch
  • DIN-12 ELT connector and Sub D connector

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