JPI FS-450

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JPI FS-450

Fuel Flow, 57mm More
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The Aviation Consumer, Product of the Year. JPI’s FS-450 is our top choice because it has all the options you need for fuel management.

JPI’s newest piece of panel wizardry relegates fuel-situation questions to relics of the past. From its new home between the top row of flight instruments and the top of avionics stack, the FS-450 blinked and winked the numbers to answer all my fuel-situation questions.

Connected to our Honeywell Skymap IIIC, the FS-450 happily winked and blinked its way through its information inventory and left me as relaxed as any fat-dumb-and-happy aviator should get — minus the “dumb” part of the equation, of course. Heavy-duty information and a light-duty price; could you want more? Sure, easy installation would be nice, something JPI also covered.


  • FAA TSO for Reliability and Accuracy
  • Talks to all GPS’s including Garmins 430/530 and all handheld’s etc. Displays gallons required to next waypoint or destination at no additional cost. FP-5L does not report “gallons to destination”. FP-5L does not work with a “handheld” GPS
  • Programmable display for Gallons, Pounds, Liters. No imperial gallons
  • Remote “Warning Light” programmable with Low fuel and low time warning
  • Automatically calculates K- factor for excellent 1% accuracy
  • Return line systems (Pressure Carburetor) and gravity flow, no problem
  • Clock size, 1.5” deep, 2 1/4” hole, 5.0 oz. wt
  • Transducer 3 oz. wt
  • TSO’d for use in turbo-prop aircraft
  • When your, El, Hoskins, or Shadin fails upgrade it to destination an FS-450 using old transducer
  • Automatic reminder (flashing digits) to update Fuel added. Fuel added Can be set after take-off not possible with the FP-5L/FP-5
  • “USED” Total fuel used can be set to zero at any time during flight
  • Twin and Single FS-450M instrument
  • %HP Calculated on fuel burn
  • Timer included
Certification FAA


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