Garmin GTN 750Xi - Part Number: 010-02002-07 (011-04634-00) - Unit Only, Unit Condition: New


Garmin GTN 750Xi - Part Number: 010-02002-07 (011-04634-00) - Unit Only, Unit Condition: New

Touchscreen GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD More
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Tap into a New Generation of Faster, Smarter Avionics - Garmin GTN 750Xi

  • Visualize your entire flight plan, including holds and approaches on a big 6.9” touch display.
  • Faster is better. High-speed processors cut boot-up time by 50% over earlier GTN models.
  • Fly the approaches you want — from visual glidepaths to LPV, RNAV, ILS and more.
  • It’s interface-friendly with a wide range of existing avionics, autopilots and flight displays.
  • Wirelessly load flight plans and database updates with an optional Connext® link.
  • Upgrade? New GTN Xi series offers easy slide-in upgrade for existing GTN avionics.

With its enhanced resolution offering more pixels, increased processing power for faster and more responsive operation, and overall improved speed and performance, GTN 750Xi system represents a significant leap forward in avionics technology. It brings exciting new growth capabilities to the industry’s premier GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD platform, not only elevating the user experience with its intuitive interface and advanced features but also paving the way for future upgrades and integration with a range of avionics systems.

  • DO-IT-ALL TOUCHSCREEN - Intuitive touchscreen interface provides quick access to navigation, radio tuning, multifunction display features and more.

  • LIGHTNING-FAST RESPONSE - Powerful dual-core processors boost the GTN Xi series graphical display capabilities — with faster zooming, panning and map rendering on the display.

  • HIGH-RESOLUTION DISPLAY - With almost double the pixel count of its predecessor, the GTN Xi series features wider viewing angles and one of the highest-resolution displays ever offered in this class of avionics.


Supporting multiple inputs, the 6.9” display can put moving maps, terrain, traffic, weather,airportdiagrams and more at your fingertips. Use the on-screen QWERTY keyboard or traditional concentric knobs to enter frequencies, waypoint identifiers, routings and more. Available Telligence™ voice control technology helps reduce pilot workload by responding to hundreds of spoken commands with the press of a button on the yoke.

  • PINCH, SWIPE GESTURE - A quick finger swipe lets you pan across the map display. Or use a smartphone-like pinch-to-zoom motion to scale up or down on any map, traffic or terrain page.

  • SEE THE FULL PICTURE - Graphical routing on the display lets you visualize your entire flight plan, including departures, arrivals, visual/instrument approaches, holding procedures and more.

  • FAST FIND - As soon as you start typing, the GTN Xi FastFind feature uses quick predictive logic to suggest airport and waypoint entries by using current GPS position. Just select and go.

  • AIRWAYS, YOUR WAY - Victor airways and high-altitude jet routes can be overlaid on the map. For easy IFR routings, view airway segments available from a waypoint and corresponding exit options.

  • "RUBBER BAND" REROUTES - This handy feature lets you grab a flight plan leg on the screen, and then stretch or move it to adjust for a deviation or ATC amendment to your flight plan.

  • DIRECT CONNECT - A Direct-to key on the bezel lets you quickly enter a direct course for any selected waypoint. A menu of nearest airports and flight plan waypoints makes for easy entry.


By referencing built-in terrain, mapping and obstacles databases, GTN 750Xi shows detailed surface features, cities, airports, SUAs and more on the dynamic map display. A built-in database provides color-coded display overlays to warn when potential terrain conflicts loom ahead. Class A or B TAWS alerting is optionally available. Garmin's standard FliteCharts® or optional Jeppesen® style ChartView™ plates provide georeferenced approaches and terminal procedures.

  • MORE APPROACH OPTIONS - The WAAS/SBAS-certified GPS receiver expands your landing options, enabling GPS-guided LPV glidepath approaches down to ILS-comparable minimums as low as 200’.

  • VHF NAVAID CAPABILITY - In addition to GPS guidance, full VHF navigation capabilities offer complete airspace system access, including VOR/ILS with localizer and glideslope.

  • AUTO-ASSIST ENTRY - When loading procedures, the GTN Xi series will pre-enter NAV frequencies to standby position for quick access. It also auto-selects the VHF NAV source for ILS approaches.

  • CLEARD FOR THE VISUAL - GTN Xi can give advisory visual approach guidance based on a published glidepath or a 3-degree slope from the runway threshold (with terrain/obstacle clearance).

  • AUTOPILOT INTERFACE - Precise course deviation and roll steering outputs can be coupled to select autopilots, enabling virtually all IFR flight procedures to be flown automatically.

  • HOLDING PATTERNS - IFR pattern entries can be tricky. GTN 750Xi lets you easily create and execute holding patterns over a published or user-defined waypoint.


  • Použitelnost TSO: C34e; 2C34f; C36e třídy A; 2C36f třídy A; C40c; 2C40c; C74d třídy A; C112e; C128a; 2C128; C146e třídy 3; C151d třídy A, B; C157b Třídy 1, 2; 165b; C169a Třídy C, E, 3, 4, 5, 6; 2C169a Třídy C, E, H2, 3, 4, 5, 6; C194; C195b Třídy B1, B3, B5, B7; C209
  • Velikost displeje: úhlopříčka 6,9" (175 mm)
  • Rozlišení displeje: 834 pixelů (Š) x 986 pixelů (V)
  • Výška rámečku jednotky: 6,00" (152 mm)
  • Šířka rámečku jednotky: 6,25" (159 mm)
  • Hloubka jednotky s konektory: (měřeno od čelního panelu letadla k zadní straně zadních krytů konektorů).
  • Hmotnost jednotky: 3,22 kg (7,1 lbs)
  • Rozsah vstupního napětí: DC - 33 VDC
  • Rozsah provozních teplot: -20° C až 55° C (-4° F až 131° F)
  • Počet kanálů GPS: Počet kanálů: 15 (12 GPS a 3 GPS/WAAS/SBAS)
  • Přesnost určení polohy LAT/LON: < 1,25 metru RMS horizontálně, < 2 metry vertikálně, s WAAS
  • Maximální rychlost: 1 166 uzlů
  • Interval aktualizace polohy: 0,2 s (5 Hz)
Panel Mount / Portable Panel Mount
Integrated COM/NAV COM/NAV
Height 6.00"
Install Kit Included Yes (New unit only)


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