FAA Export 8130-3

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Gill has become the OEM "original equipment battery" for Raytheon, Cessna, LearJet, Mooney, Piper, Ayres, Airtractor, Maule, Schweizer and others in the aviation industry and Gill continues to be the industry's choice for quality battery products.

Teledyne Industries acquired the Gill Electric Company in 1966 and continued producing high-quality batteries. Gill's engineers were called upon to produce lightweight batteries for use in today's modern general aviation aircraft. Airframe manufacturers worldwide rely on Gill's commitment to unrelenting quality and customer support to provide aircraft operators with dependable products for their aircraft.

Application Guide:

Cessna 152, 172, 182, 172R, 172S


Voltage 24 V
Type Dry


1Hr (C1)
30 min (2C)
60 sec/0deg F (CCA)


8 A
13 A
106 A

Electrolyte 3 Qts./1.285 s.g.




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