Garmin GNC 215 - Aircraft Type: Fixed-Wing

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Garmin GNC 215 - Aircraft Type: Fixed-Wing

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Navigate and Communicate with Confidence using Garmin GNC® 215

Elevate your aircraft's navigation and communication capabilities with the state-of-the-art Garmin GNC® 215. This slimline radio offers a modern and cost-effective solution for upgrading your NAV/COMM setup. With advanced navigation features and seamless communication capabilities, the GNC® 215 enhances your cockpit experience. Whether you're navigating through busy airspace or coordinating with ATC, this reliable radio ensures clear and efficient communication. Upgrade to the Garmin GNC® 215 and navigate the skies with confidence.


  • SLIM 1.3” BEZEL HEIGHT: Replace similar-sized legacy radios, and save valuable panel space in tighter installations.

  • FULL-COLOR LCD DISPLAY: Enjoy a large high-resolution display with pilot-selectable brightness controls.

  • INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE: Interact with familiar controls found on other Garmin avionics, including concentric knobs, 5 back-lit keys and a dedicated volume/power knob.


Upgrade your NAV/COMM radio with the modern, cost-effective slimline GNC 215 radio, and add advanced navigation and communication capabilities to your panel. Gain full VHF navigation capabilities with the Garmin GNC® 215, including VOR/ILS with localizer and glideslope, providing you with comprehensive navigation tools for precision flying.

  • NAVAID LOOKUP - Enter a navaid, and the GNC 215 radio will find the frequency from its built-in worldwide database then add it to the standby position.

  • AUTOMATIC STATION ID - Automatically decode a station’s Morse code to provide positive visual identification.

  • STANDBY NAV MONITORING - Monitor standby VOR frequency, and display the received radial. Quickly flip-flop active and standby NAV frequencies via a dedicated button.

  • INTEGRATE YOUR PANEL - GNC 215 interfaces with most CDI, HSI and autopilot systems as well as Garmin primary flight displays.

  • VHF COMM TRANSCEIVER - The 2,280-channel capable VHF COMM radio offers standard 10 watts (or optional 16 watts with enablement) of transmit power plus pilot-selectable 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz channel spacing and automatic or manual squelch. Swap your active and standby frequencies with a single touch of a button.


Enter an OBS setting, and view a supplemental CDI display for the VOR or localizer. Plus, view distance to a VOR navaid when installed with your compatible GPS source, such as our GTN or GNS navigator series avionics.

  • FIND A FREQUENCY - Enter an airport identifier, and let the GNC 215 radio look up frequencies for that location (tower, ground, ATIS, clearance delivery, etc.) from its worldwide database. Then send the selected frequency to the standby position.

  • FREQUENCY ID - Pair with your compatible GPS source to enable frequency ID and show your tuned frequency’s identifier and type, including tower, ATIS, center and more. So you always know who you’re talking to.

  • STANDBY COMM MONITORING - Listen to a standby frequency, such as ATIS, without leaving your active channel.

  • INSTANT RECALL - With frequency memory and recall, you can quickly tune your most frequently or recently used frequencies. Plus, holding down the volume knob will dial up the 121.5 emergency frequency.

  • BUILT-IN TIMER - Use the built-in timer to assist with approaches, holds and other assigned maneuvers — with the option to count up or count down.

  • NVG COMPATIBLE - For demanding night missions, GNC 215 is available with an optional NVIS enablement.

  • REMOTE TUNING - Pair the GNC 215 radio with your G3X Touch™ flight display, and remotely tune your radio via your flight display touchscreen.



Communication channels: 760 with 25 kHz spacing; 2280 channels with 8.33 kHz spacing
Frequency range: 118.000 to 136.992 MHz
Transmit power: 10 watts (16 watts with optional enablement)
Input voltage range: 9 to 33 VDC
Operating temperature range: -20 to +55 C
Certifications: TSO C169a (transmitting and receiving), TSO C128a (stuck mic), TSO C34e (ILS glide slope receiving), TSO C36e (ILS localizer receiving), TSO C40c (VOR radio receiving)


Dimensions: 1.35”H x 6.25”W (3.43 cm x 15.88 cm)
Weight: 2.3 lbs (1.0 kg) unit only; 3.1 lbs (1.4kg) with mounting rack and connectors
Depth: 10.32 inches (26.21 cm) behind panel, including mounting rack and connectors