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€ 62,35

€ 51,53

Wiring harness price does not include the connector. Please read the text below for further information.


Interconnection To Other Avionics

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Price of wiring harness does not include the connector kit. Please proceed as follows

  • send your own connector kit to our address with a copy of the order
  • purchase the connector kit from available accessories
  • purchase together with the radio, which includes the connector kit

Following transponders are usually supplied with connector kit:

  • Garmin GTX series
  • Trig TT21/22 and TT31
  • Becker BXP640X
  • Bendix/King KT-74
  • f.u.n.k.e TRT800 series

Following transponders are usually supplied without connector kit:

  • TQ/Dittel KTX2

AIR TEAM is well known for producing the highest quality custom wire harnesses for aircraft and helicopters. Customers and manufacturers choose us because we offer the best in quality, affordability and customization. We stock nearly 1 Million feet of Aircraft Grade wire in many dozens of different colour and stripe combinations as well as multiple offerings of twisted and shielded multi conductor cables. We can encase your leads in expandable sleeving, offer hand tied/laced bundles, etc.


16. 09. 2019, 18:17

very good quality!

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Bartolomeo Conti 28. 05. 2019, 20:43

Buongiorno sono interessato al connettore da collegare al tray di un kt76a. Volevo sapere la disponibilita' . Grazie

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