You've never known a Zulu like this before

Save Lives. Save Cash.

Celebrate the inaugural year of the safest aviation headset available and the thousands of pilots who fly safer now because of it.

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Better hearing. Smarter tech. Safer pilots.

Delta Zulu offers a revolutionary digital platform and groundbreaking technologies that could save the lives of pilots and their passengers.

Featuring Kanari™ smart alert technology with built-in carbon monoxide detection, Delta Zulu can help sharpen your situational awareness and give you peak control of essential inflight safety. Plus, the new HearingEQity™ technology adjusts your headset to your individual hearing profile for crystal clear flight communication.

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Delta Zulu is built for your mission with safety, control, and comfort in mind.

With a built-in sensor and personalized alerts, Delta Zulu delivers what you need to greatly enhance your safety. This next generation is built on a new technology platform that will extend your limits into a whole new era of piloting safety.




  • Lightspeed’s designers and engineers collaborated with a team of highly qualified flight and safety experts to develop a revolutionary digital platform and groundbreaking new technologies to make flying safer.
  • The CO sensor built right into the headset provides protection by measuring cabin carbon monoxide levels, helping to keep you and your passengers alert and safe with audible warnings.
  • The free Lightspeed app allows you to check the CO  sensor data visually during flight, and review your full history later.
  • Delta Zulu introduces a built-in audio equalization system called HearingEQity™ that ensures crystal clear flight communication. Through an automated 12-frequency hearing test that can be taken through the Lightspeed app, HearingEQity sets the hearing level in each ear of your headset to create your individual hearing profile and compensates for any hearing variations between ears.
  • The Lightspeed App allows you to record radio conversations, playback transmissions, draw diagrams, and archive flight recordings for post-flight briefing and training.
  • Delta Zulu is the first headset to adopt the UAC plug, allowing you to connect to other devices directly from the headset for charging, data communications, and auxiliary audio.
  • The legendary Zulu comfort and durability continues in the Delta Zulu. Performance ear seals, optional taller head pads for a variable fit, sturdy cables built around a Kevlar core, full Bluetooth integration, and an industry-best 7-year warranty, are still standard in our newest model.

A Revolutionary New Digital Platform

Integrating a wide array of new and existing technologies into a new and entirely digital platform, Delta Zulu is part of a new generation of ANR headset capabilities.
Read more about all integrated technologies in the product description.

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