Garmin G3X/G5

G3X TOUCH™: Discover the Possibilities

The G3X Touch system is scalable for growth from single- to dual- to 4-screen cockpit layouts, and the technology is so intuitively cool and forward looking, it’s enough to make you want to build an airplane just to have a platform for these amazing displays.

G3X Touch is built from the ground up with a native infrared touchscreen interface that is seamlessly blended with familiar buttons and knobs so virtually everything you’d ever need to fly in today’s airspace can be accessed right from the display. Large onscreen touch points and familiar graphical icons simplify all your data entry and menu selections – and if you’re flying in turbulence, the bezel design offers added support for easy operation.

Combining full primary flight display (PFD) attitude/directional guidance with detailed moving-map multifunction display (MFD) capabilities, each G3X Touch series display comes with a built-in VFR WAAS GPS receiver. You can choose among 10.6” and 7” landscape and 7” portrait formats – or mix and match – so you have even more control options at your fingertips and less clutter in your limited panel space. In fact, if your installation includes a separate PFD and MFD, you’ll have additional reversionary capabilities should either display go offline. In reversionary mode, the remaining display combines critical flight instrumentation with engine readouts and navigation information in a single, consolidated presentation.

From there, G3X Touch flight displays seamlessly integrate with family of experimental radios, transponders, audio panels, ADS-B and SiriusXM® datalinks, mobile devices via Connext® and more. And you even can easily add an affordable Garmin G3X autopilot system just by adding Garmin GSA 28 servos.

The Garmin G3X Touch: It’s all about rethinking what’s possible in cockpit.


G3X Touch Flight Displays

Featuring big, bright, high-resolution touchscreens, these easy-to-read, easy-to-use flight displays provide a whole new perspective on situational awareness with standard GPS navigation, ADAHRS, terrain/obstacles alerting, wireless connectivity, video input and more.

G3X Touch even comes preloaded with Garmin FliteCharts®, for IFR approach plates and terminal procedures for airports throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, plus an option for Jeppesen charts for complete worldwide database coverage. And Garmin SafeTaxi® diagrams identify runways, taxiways, FBOs and hangars as well as your aircraft’s exact location on the field for airports throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.


The GPS-aided, digital GSU 25 ADAHRS provides highly accurate and reliable referencing of your aircraft position, rate, vector and acceleration data. And the complete sensor package takes up just a fraction of the space and weight previously required by conventional gyro-based instrument systems.

The GSU 25B ADAHRS offers the same functionality for higher-performance aircraft flying at indicated airspeeds over 300 knots. Both also include an angle of attack (AOA) port.

GEA 24 Engine Indication System (EIS)

This user-configurable EIS module enables aircraft-specific tailoring of displays for engine gauges, color bands, alerts, fuel, flaps, trim and other vital sensor data. Sensor kits are available for most popular engine configurations used in experimental/amateur-built aircraft, or you can manually configure gauges with any electrically compatible sensor (see installation manual for details). A single GEA 24 can support piston engines of up to 6 cylinders and turbine applications, while a second GEA 24 allows owners to monitor engine operation for up to 12 cylinders, including radials and twin-engine applications. It even works with CAN bus interfaces for compatible FADEC engines, such as the Rotax 912 iS.

GMU Series Magnetometers

GMU series remote-mount, solid-state, tri-axial magnetometers use magnetic field measurements to create electronically stabilized heading references. The GMU 11 interfaces with a Garmin GSU 25 ADAHRS to provide flight attitude and heading data, while the GMU 22 interfaces with GSU 25B ADAHRS for highperformance aircraft flying faster than 300 KIAS.

GTP 59

Temperature Probe GTP 59 is an outside air temperature (OAT) probe that provides ambient sensor data to the G3X Touch air data computer for true airspeed, density altitude and other essential flight calculations.

Advanced Capabilities for Experimental/LSA

G3X Touch flight displays come standard with our exclusive SVX™ synthetic vision technology. Seamlessly integrated with your aircraft’s flight attitude, airspeed, climb rate, altitude and course/heading reference, the database-generated 3-D landscape provides a lifelike perspective view of terrain features, airport environments, obstacles, towers and more – all shown in relative proximity to your aircraft. Also, with a compatible ADS-B “In” receiver, such as the GTX™ 45R all-in-one remote-mount transponder, or active traffic system, such as GTS™ 800, SVX will also display traffic targets in context, making it easier to gauge how high and how close they are.

  • Dual-link ADS-B1 enables advanced traffic features such as TargetTrend™ relative motion and TerminalTraffic™ technologies so you can see other ADS-B equipped aircraft without dependence on a ground station.
  • Choice of AOPA Airport Directory for the U.S. – or AC-U-KWIK worldwide directory – offers detailed information on thousands of airport facilities and services.
  • Garmin SafeTaxi® data provides detailed taxiway diagrams and position information.
  • Optional Sirius XM® Radio support lets you enjoy 170+ channels of audio entertainment2.
  • How far can you go? Graphical fuel range rings are based on real-time fuel flow calculations.
  • Glide range ring displays estimated area the aircraft can reach in best-glide speed (Vg) configuration.
  • Garmin Synthetic Vision
  • Worldwide Charting
  • Advanced Moving Map
  • Terrain and Obstacle Alerting
  • Advanced Avionics Integration
  • Garmin Autopilot with ESP-X
  • Engine Instruments
  • SiriusXM and ADS-B Weather Options

1ADS-B datalink receiver sold separately.

2SiriusXM subscription required (sold separately).



By combining visual cues and data readouts once scattered across a myriad of mechanical instruments, the Garmin G5 electronic flight instrument makes flight information easier to scan in a small, affordable package. The complete G5 unit fits into a single 3-1/8” standard instrument cutout, but it efficiently consolidates aircraft attitude, vertical speed, altitude, airspeed, slip/skid and baro setting, altitude and track/heading bug settings. Plus, a built-in GPS receiver and antenna provide a highly accurate ground speed and ground track readout.


To provide even more situational awareness, you can install a G5 as a dedicated directional gyro (DG) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI). When paired with a GMU 11 magnetometer and select VHF Nav/Comms and GPS navigators, G5 will serve as your primary reference source for magnetic heading, GPS/VOR/LOC guidance and GPS course guidance – as well as providing distance and groundspeed indications.

And by installing dual G5 displays in your panel, you also gain the advantages of backup redundancy, with dual ADAHRS and reversionary display capability. In the unlikely event of a failure in the primary attitude indicator, a secondary G5 can revert to display attitude information, and for added “get home” protection, it’s available with a backup lithium-ion battery, which can provide up to 4 hours of emergency operation in case of an aircraft electrical outage. And if you use one of our aera® series aviation portables, you can fly with battery-powered moving-map navigation guidance, to make that aircraft electronics outage virtually a non-event.


G5 integrates with autopilot and flight director functions when accompanied by a GMC 305 or GMC 307 autopilot control panel and up to 3 GSA 28 smart servos. By adding a Garmin portable GPS, such as the aera 660/795/796, you enable the autopilot to couple laterally to the flight plan and vertically to support VNAV descents to pattern altitude. Adding a GTN™ navigator and GAD™ 29 digital interface even permits coupled GPS approaches along with lateral and vertical guidance for all approach types.


The G5 even integrates with G3X Touch systems to provide even more backup display capability. Reversionary display features include primary flight information, flight-director cues, autopilot-mode annunciation, flight director, autopilot control (with a GMC 305 or GMC 307), approach lateral/vertical guidance and more. In the unlikely event that your G3X Touch system’s primary ADAHRS reference becomes unavailable, G5 will provide backup ADAHRS information to those displays as well. And G5’s barometric pressure setting syncs with G3X Touch so you have a single, dedicated knob to adjust your entire system.


Now, it’s easy to add full autopilot capability to your G3X Touch™ system. All it takes is the addition of our affordable GSA 28 “smart” servos to give your system a range of autopilot capabilities similar to those provided by the high-end GFC™ 700 systems found on thousands of certified aircraft. You have the option of purchasing a 1-, 2- or 3-axis configuration (roll servo only, or pitch+roll, or pitch+roll+yaw) to add the level of capability you want. Even better, the Garmin system includes automatic trim functionality and automatic speed scheduling at no additional cost, and all of these advanced functions can be accessed directly from your G3X Touch display.

But for added redundancy and convenience, you can opt for standalone autopilot operation when you install an optional GMC 305 or GMC 307 control panel. A control wheel integrated into the panels allows easier pitch, vertical speed and airspeed adjustments, and GMC 307 adds dedicated knobs for altitude and heading selection. Plus, for added safety, both panels have an advanced LVL mode button, which commands the autopilot to help restore the aircraft to straight-and-level flight. Installation of the system is simple and straightforward, with industry-standard servo mounting kits available – as well as airframe-specific versions for Van’s RV series (RV-4/6/7/8/9/10 models).


With installation of the G3X autopilot, you’ll also obtain Garmin ESP-X to provide assistance in maintaining the aircraft in stable flight. When you exceed user-selected pitch, roll or airspeed limitations while hand-flying the aircraft, ESP-X provides gentle nudges on the flight controls to lessen the aircraft’s pitch attitude or bank angle – and that correcting force grows stronger as those exceedances increase. In addition, you’ll see visual cues on the G3X Touch display indicating that ESP-X is engaged; yellow chevrons provide visual pitch guidance, and configurable roll-limit indicators show where ESP-X engages to provide bank guidance.

As you take corrective action, ESP-X fades, and it turns off when you return to normal flight. Conversely, if the system activates for more than 15 seconds – for example, if you become incapacitated – the autopilot engages with the flight director in level mode, bringing the aircraft to level flight until you command otherwise. While ESP-X will not recover an aircraft in all in-flight situations, the system does provide your experimental and light sport aircraft an extra safeguard.

But ESP-X goes beyond providing pitch and bank envelope protection to also offer high- and low-airspeed protection. In a high-airspeed situation, ESP-X engages the G3X autopilot servos to increase your pitch attitude, while built-in parameters further prevent the aircraft from exceeding G-limit load factors. In low-airspeed situations, ESP-X engages to provide a gentle pitch-down force to reduce the likelihood of a stall – and ESP-X automatically disables when the aircraft is operating within 200’ of the ground. In addition, pitch, roll and airspeed envelope protection parameters are all customizable, and for flight training or aerobatics, you can easily inhibit Garmin ESP-X within the automatic flight control system menu of the G3X Touch or with an optional switch in the panel.


Your G3X Touch™ comes equipped to take advantage of Connext®, our network link and in-cockpit wireless connectivity system. With a built-in Flight Stream gateway, it makes your mobile tablet – running the Garmin Pilot™ app – a true cockpit interface. Use it to create a flight plan in the comfort of your home, office or pilot lounge, and then transfer it to your G3X Touch with a tap or 2 – waypoints, airways, arrivals and all. That leaves you more time to focus on preflight activities once you arrive at the airport. Adding last-minute or en route flight plan amendments from ATC is just as easy. Simply make them on the tablet, and sync again. There’s no duplication of effort, which brings greater efficiency and work-saving convenience to managing your cockpit.

You can also wirelessly stream flight information to your tablet, including GPS and attitude information and graphically depicted ADS-B traffic and weather with a Garmin GDL® 39R datalink or GTX™ 45R transponder. You can even wirelessly control VIRB® action cameras to view what your remotely mounted camera is seeing, view elapsed time, start and stop recording as you desire, capture still photos and more.

Installazioni Avioniche certificate

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€ 6 620


GDU 460/465, Kit installazione

€ 109,87
€ 90,80 IVA esclusa


G5 Install Kit

€ 87,85
€ 72,60 IVA esclusa


GSU 25, kit connettore

€ 124,51
€ 102,90 IVA esclusa

Garmin G5

Electronic Flight Instrument, 80mm

€ 1 452
€ 1 200 IVA esclusa

Garmin GTP 59

OAT Sensor

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G3X Configuration Module

€ 73,21
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GEA 24, Kit connettori

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GMU 22, Kit installazione

Solitamente disponibile in 1-2 settimane
€ 127,41
€ 105,30 IVA esclusa


G5 Battery Pack

€ 220,34
€ 182,10 IVA esclusa

Garmin GTX 23 ES

G3X Transponder remoto Mode S con Extended Squitter

€ 2 429,68
€ 2 008 IVA esclusa

Garmin G5 Certified

Electronic Flight Instrument, 80mm

€ 2 505,79
€ 2 070,90 IVA esclusa

Garmin GAP 26

AOA/Pitot Sensor, Boom Probe, Unheated

€ 289,65
€ 239,38 IVA esclusa


Kit sensori, Rotax 912

€ 365,54
€ 302,10 IVA esclusa


Kit di installazione GMC 307

Solitamente disponibile in 1-2 settimane
€ 58,56
€ 48,40 IVA esclusa

Garmin G5 Certified HSI w/AP Out

Electronic Flight Instrument, w/ GMU 11, GAD 29B

Solitamente disponibile in 1-2 settimane
€ 3 301,21
€ 2 728,27 IVA esclusa

Garmin GAP 26

AOA/Pitot Sensor, Boom Probe, Heated, 14V

Solitamente disponibile in 1-2 settimane
€ 372,44
€ 307,80 IVA esclusa

Garmin GMU 11

Bussola Remota G3X/G5

€ 370,34
€ 306,07 IVA esclusa


GMU 11, Kit installazione

€ 58,56
€ 48,40 IVA esclusa


Amps Shunt, +/-50 mV, 0-100 A

€ 61,59
€ 50,90 IVA esclusa


Pressione carburante (a iniezione), 1/8-27 NPT, 50 PSI

€ 163,96
€ 135,50 IVA esclusa


GAD 29, Kit connettori

€ 102,61
€ 84,80 IVA esclusa


TIT, Termocoppia tipo K, 7/16-20, Baionetta

€ 123,66
€ 102,20 IVA esclusa

Garmin GDU 460

10,6" G3X Touch Display

€ 4 239,78
€ 3 503,95 IVA esclusa