C of Conformance (CoC tanúsítvány)

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24 hónap A garancia egy 24 hónapos minőségi garanciát ill (Nagyjavított/használt termékek 12 hónap garanciával). egy bennefoglalt ingyenes beszállítói szervízt tartalmaz (amennyiben vonatkozik). További információ...

20 625,06 Ft

17 045,50 Ft

As every person’s body is different, it is therefore important that during flights above 8.000 ft the pilot’s blood oxygen saturation level is measured, in order to avoid any impairment through oxygen deficiency. Furthermore, you can read your pulse at any time.

The PILOT FPO is solely to be used for information and monitoring purposes and is no substitution for compulsory oxygen supply needed by law when flying at high altitude.

Further advantages are:

  • Easy to use automatic on/off function, insert finger and read
  • Bright and easy to read OLED colour display
  • Low power consumption - up to 30h with 2 AAA Batteries
  • Low voltage warning
  • Low weight ca. 50g incl. Batteries
  • Automatic power off after 8sec. if not in use
  • Adjustable brightness and 6 display modes

Also included:

  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Protecting cover
  • Lanyard
  • Manual in English

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