Garmin GFC 600


Sophisticated solid-state attitude-based retrofit solution for high-performance single-, twin- and turbine engine aircraft

With technology tailored for high-performance GA piston aircraft, as well as light turboprops and jets, the GFC 600 offers an easy, low cost of ownership, full-featured, solidstate and attitude-based digital autopilot with precise and smooth in-flight characteristics and built-in self-monitoring capabilities. With an uncompromising set of top-level safety and performance features, including our ESP™ (Electronic Stability and Protection) technology, underspeed and overspeed protection, automatic return-to-level (LVL) mode, flight director (FD) command cues and more. Initially available for the A36 Bonanza and B55 Baron with the 58 Baron and other high-performance single-/twin-engine and turbine aircraft to follow.

Designed as a stand-alone autopilot that integrates with what’s already in your panel, including Garmin G500 and G600 flight displays, GTN™ 750/650 or GNS 430/530 series navigators as well as other popular third-party flight displays, navigators and instruments, the GFC 600 is a revolution in aftermarket flight control solutions. The system’s self-contained, panel-mounted autopilot controller incorporates backlit keys and a bright, sunlightreadable display that depicts autopilot status and mode selection. An intuitive up/down control wheel on the unit enables convenient adjustment of aircraft pitch, airspeed and vertical speed modes. Plus, the “smart” autopilot servos contain a brushless DC motor and a gear train that eliminates the need for a mechanical slip clutch, enhancing performance while reducing maintenance requirements. And for installations where the autopilot controller is out of the pilot’s primary field of view and a G600/G500 flight display is not installed for mode annunciation, a stand-alone mode annunciator is available that retains an identical footprint of third-party autopilot annunciators on the market.

As a standard feature, Garmin ESP works with GFC 600 to assist you in maintaining your aircraft in a safe, flight-stable condition when the aircraft is being hand-flown. This ESP feature functions independently of the autopilot — though it uses the same control servos — to gently nudge the controls toward stable flight whenever pitch or roll deviations exceed the recommended limits or underspeed/overspeed conditions occur. In the event of pilot incapacitation, after the system detects that it has been activated for a specified period of time, the autopilot will engage with the flight director in level mode, bringing the aircraft back to level flight and helping to avoid the onset of inadvertent stall/ spins, steep spirals or other loss-of-control scenarios. Additionally, ESP can be manually disabled to allow for intentional flight maneuvers.

With the autopilot engaged, GFC 600 also provides overspeed and underspeed protection. In a high airspeed situation — for example, if you’re descending and your aircraft is approaching VNE or VMO — the system will increase the aircraft’s pitch attitude, preventing a further increase in airspeed and potential structural damage. Likewise, at the other end of the speed spectrum, GFC 600 provides underspeed (stall) protection. For example, in the event the pilot does not immediately advance the throttle to full power, with the autopilot engaged while flying a missed approach sequence, the autopilot will help prevent an aircraft stall by reducing pitch attitude and provide the pilot with an “airspeed, airspeed” audible alert.

In addition to traditional autopilot capabilities such as altitude hold, vertical speed and heading modes, the GFC™ 600 also includes:

• Premium functions and advanced capabilities such as altitude preselect and indicated airspeed hold mode with the G500 or G600 flight displays. VNAV will be a growth function when appropriately equipped.

• Pilots can select, couple and fly various instrument approaches, including GPS, ILS, VOR, LOC and back course approaches with a compatible navigator.

• Built-in GPS roll steering capability eliminates the need for external roll steering converters, allowing for smoother navigation tracking when installed with a compatible navigator.

• Level Mode button, which automatically engages the autopilot to restore the aircraft to straight and level flight.

• Underspeed protection helps prevent the pilot from stalling the aircraft.

• Overspeed protection helps prevent the pilot from exceeding aircraft maximum speed (VNE).

• With the addition of an optional yaw servo, Yaw Damping (YD) mode minimizes yawing oscillations while also helping to maintain coordinated flight by keeping the slip/skid indicator centered.

• Flight Director command bars can be displayed on a variety of flight displays, such as the G500 and G600 and select third-party flight displays.

• Pilots can fly coupled ‘go-arounds’ during missed approach sequencing. A remotely-installed go-around button commands the Flight Director to display the appropriate pitch attitude required for the missed approach procedure and activates a loaded missed approach when paired with a GTN™ 650/750 navigator.

• With the addition of an optional yaw servo, Yaw Damping (YD) mode minimizes yawing oscillations while also helping to maintain coordinated flight by keeping the slip/skid indicator centered.

• Control wheel steering allows the pilot to adjust pitch, roll, altitude hold, vertical speed or airspeed references using the control yoke while the autopilot is engaged.

It’s truly a system you can own and fly with confidence. It’s easy to select an approved installation that meets your mission requirements and budget.


Aircraft Models Currently FAA Approved for GFC 600 Installation:

Beechcraft Baron

  • Models: B55, B55A, 58, 58A, 58P*, 58PA*, 58TC*, 58TCA*

Beechcraft Bonanza

  • Models: 36, A36, A36TC

Cessna 182

  • Models: P, Q, R, S, T, T182, T182T

Cessna Grand Caravan

  • Model: 208, 208B

Cessna 340

  • Models: 340, 340A

Cessna 414

  • Model: 414A

GFC 600 Certification Programs Currently In-progress:

Piper PA-46

  • Models: 310P JetPROP, 350P JetPROP

Socata TBM

  • Models: 700, A, B, C1, C2, N (TBM 850)

GFC 600 Certification Programs Planned to Begin in the Next 12-months:

Beechcraft Baron

  • Models: C55, D55, E55

Cessna 310

  • Model: 310R

Cessna 421

  • Model: 421C

Cessna 425

  • Model: 425

Cessna 441

  • Model: 441

Piper PA-31

  • Models: 325, 350

*1983 model year or earlier only


Certified Avionics Installations