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Garmin is pleased to announce the GWX™ 75R, a new version of the GWX 75 designed for aircraft with limited radome space. The GWX 75R offers the reliability and clarity of the GWX 75, but with a smaller lateral scan range requirement. Intended for a wide range of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, the Doppler-based, solid-state GWX 75R incorporates exceptional range and a high-definition color palette that features four times more color contouring than traditional aviation weather radars on the market

Boasting a solid-state design, GWX 75R offers reduced power consumption and extended life compared to earlier generation, magnetron-based weather radars. GWX 75R offers a range of 320 nautical miles, horizontal scan angles of up to 90 degrees, and pilot-adjustable sector scanning. GWX 75R also retains vertical scan capabilities, which allows the pilot to focus on storm tops, gradients, and storm cell build-up at various altitudes.

GWX 75R is compatible with select Garmin integrated flight decks, GTN™ series touchscreen navigators, and TXi series flight displays. The GWX 75R utilizes a receiver/transmitter known as the GWX Processor R, which is designed with a near identical footprint as the GWX 70R, simplifying a replacement of an existing GWX 70R installation. Optional features, such as turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression, are also available with GWX 75R. Units can be ordered now and will ship late January. Please contact your sales manager with any questions.



  • All-digital Garmin radar features high-definition color palette with up to 4 times more colors than traditional radars for more detailed contouring of storm cells
  • Combines full antenna stabilization1 with horizontal scan angles up to 120 degrees
  • Optional Doppler-enabled turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression enable more precise weather interpretation
  • Ground mapping mode provides a real-time depiction of geographical features to aid in visual navigation
  • Fits a variety of aircraft radomes with 10" antenna sizes

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