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FAA Export 8130-3

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MFD w/ Weather Radar/Traffic Interface, Black Více


  • Multi Function Display built around the design of the MX 20
  • Bright, high resolution display depicting position awareness, weather, traffic, terrain, charts, and more
  • Soft keys allow pilot to select between several charting options and easily add or remove details
  • Rotary knob allows for quicker map scale changes and data entry
  • Faster processing speed - 650 Mhz / 256 MB
  • Front loading SD card slot allows for expanded memory and easy chart uploading and updating
  • Includes preloaded, high-resolution terrain and hydrography data for entire world
  • Map scale range from 1/4 mile to 2500 miles
  • Split screen function allows for simultaneous view of two charting options along with vertical profile of terrain elevation
  • Optional chartView feature can be added for airport and terminal information
  • May be interfaced to Garmin equipment such as GNS 430 / GNS 530 for GPS position, GDL 69 / GDL 69A / GDL 90 for Datalink, GTX 330 /33 for Traffic, GWX 68 for Radar
  • Radar version also compatible with Bendix/King ART-2000, ART-2100, and RS-181A radar sensors
  • Will interface to many other manufacturers' GPS navigation equipment (list forthcoming)
  • Available in 3 versions: Standard, Traffic, and Radar/Traffic
  • 5 RS-232 ports (1 needed for GPS and altitude; 4 left for other interfaces)
  • Standard System includes installation kit, rack, datacard, and manuals
  • New rack design offers more installation versatility compared to MX 20
  • Different shape than MX20 but has same dimensions
  • Improved cooling configuration
  • Upgrading from MX20 involves unscrewing connectors from MX20 rack, checking power (pins 1 & 16) and ground pins (2 & 12), adding APM (3 new pins on 37 pin connector, installing GMX200 rack, attaching connectors, and configuring GMX200
Touch screen No