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The Denali D90ANR is an extremely lightweight headset that offers exceptional performance and outstanding comfort. The Denali is engineered to fit unlike any other aviation headset, providing excellent passive and active noise attenuation, a secure and comfortable fit and extremely reliable performance.


Lightweight Comfort - At less than 14 ounces, this headset is the lightest ANR model available. Denali’s ComLeather™ ear seals help abate noise and offer a comfortable fit. The sleek ear domes stay securely in place, reducing side force.

Dual Inputs - This top-of-the-line model includes dual inputs that support cell phone and Aux connections for communication and entertainment. Automatic muting ensures that all incoming transmissions are instantly heard.

Extended Battery Life - The D90ANR uses two always available AA-size batteries for up to 50 hours of continuous ANR use.

Sure Power System™ (SPS) - This ANR model also has SPS – a digital power management circuit. The SPS conserves battery life by shutting off the ANR circuit when not in use. Full passive performance is maintained when the ANR circuit is off.

Noise Reduction - ANR model achieves additional 18-20dB at certain key low frequencies.

No Risk Warranty - Satisfaction guaranteed from ear to ear. Three year warranty.



  • Shielding – Full floating with independent ground
  • Weight (ANR) – 13.4 oz.
  • Temperature Sensitivity – Not to exceed 156°F
  • Battery Life – 50 hours of continuous use


  • Sensitivity (a1mW in dBspl) – 104dB
  • Frequency Response – 90Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance – 300 ohms stereo/ch.-150 ohms mono
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (@1kHz) – <.15%
  • Maximum Power Input – 250mW
  • Noise Reduction Rating – 21dB


  • Type – Noise cancelling electret condenser with constant-gain preamp
  • DC Bias Voltage – 8-16 volts
  • Supply Source Resistance – 220-2200 ohms
  • Frequency Response (±6dB) – 420Hz-6.4kHz
  • Sensitivity (@114dBspl*) – 1.3V
  • Noise Rejection Ratio (@1kHz): -46dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (@1kHz) – <0.3%
  • Impedance – 500 ohms
  • Maximum Speech Level – 112 dBspl*
  • Maximum Ambient Noise Level – 132 dBspl*
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