Honeywell MILACAS-XR TCAS II Processor

The Smart TrafficTM TPA-100 family of ACAS II Processors is designed for higher reliability and future growth to ADS-B In. The MILACAS-XR is available in both 6 MCU and 4 MCU models. MILACAS-XR (Extended Range) provides two times the surveillance range of ETCAS. Utilizing improved interrogation methods and Hybrid Surveillance (Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast - ADS-B). MILACAS-XR surveillance range is 100 nm for 360° azimuth. The system is approved by civil and military frequency management organizations, including the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration for installation on all military aircraft. In addition to the increased range, MILACAS-XR provides the same functions that have made ETCAS the largest selling military TCAS product in the world. The MILACAS-XR is designed to be direct replacement of the TPA-81A. Based on TPA-100, Honeywell’s new generation TCAS line, the MILACAS-XR uses the identical hardware platform and maintains all the civil ACAS II performance requirements as well as the additional military-unique features.

  • MILACAS-XR received initial FAA TSO in May 2005, and is now available with MOPS Change 7.1 technologies enabling a low risk insertion into any vehicle.


  • Temperature Range (operating) -55 C to +70 C
  • Temperature Range (non-operating) -55 C to +85 C
  • Reliability 30,000 Hours
  • Cooling Recommended but not required
  • EMI Per DO-160D
  • RF Power 400 watts nominal
  • Transmit Frequency 1030 MHz
  • Receiver Frequency 1090 MHz
  • Mounting Mounting Tray (ARINC 600)
  • Physical Dimensions 6 MCU Height 7.62 in. (19.35 cm)
  • Width 7.50 in. (19.01 cm)
  • Length 15.02 in. (36.7 cm)
  • Weight 12.5 lbs (6.2 kg)
  • Physical Dimensions 4 MCU Height 7.62 in (19.35 cm)
  • Width 4.90 in (12.01 cm)
  • Length 15.02 in (36.6 cm)
  • Weight 12.0 lbs (6.1 kg)
  • Power Requirement 115 Vac and/or 28 Vdc
  • Power Input Required 50 W nominal, 60 W maximum
  • Power Dissipation 50 W maximum
  • Interfaces Per ARINC 735A
  • Software Loading PCMCIA, ARINC 615, Ethernet
  • Aircraft Application Meets all civil requirements forACAS II
  • Environmental Requirement Per DO-160D
  • Dedicated external ports/connections RS-232, ARINC 615 Data Loader/ Recorder and others per ARINC
  • Test Equipment Required Depot Level Only
  • BIT Capability Internal and System Level
  • Design Characteristics ARINC 735A, DO-185
  • Available Documentation System Installation and
  • Maintenance Manual and
  • Component Maintenance Manual
  • Certification TSO C119b
  • Standard Equipment On C-130J, V-22, C-27J, CN-295,
    VH-71, CX & PX