Honeywell KSG 7200 ADAHRS

The air data attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS) is a revolutionary, dual-channel system that combines attitude, altitude, airspeed, air temperature and heading information into a single box. Honeywell developed the dual-channel ADAHRS function with state of the art micro-electromechanical sensors (MEMS). This design provides the lowest size and weight solution with the highest reliability available in the business and general aviation and civil helicopter markets.

Additional features include:

  • Honeywell designed and produced pressure and aviation-grade MEMS sensors for maximum accuracy and reliability – no global positioning system augmentation required
  • Automated integrity monitor detects and eliminates incorrect attitude information, leading to improved safety and reduced pilot workload
  • System can re-initialize in flight
  • Reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM)-compliant air data computer
  • Remote-mounted for improved performance and ease of installation
  • Automated aircraft alignment
  • ARINC 429 digital output
  • Airspeed gain scheduling of the flight control system
  • Redundant sensor set for altimetry and airspeed
  • Static source error correction (SSEC) for either altitude or airspeed