Honeywell IntuVue RDR-84K Band Radar System

See More Clearly 

The IntuVue RDR-84K Band Radar System changes the way we all think about radar and how it’s used – in the air and on the ground. The RDR-84K uses multiple beams to “see” more things at the same time than any commercially available radar. In addition to detecting weather, the system can simultaneously scan and receive radar returns from aircraft, ground vehicles, buildings and even people.

What is It?

The RDR-84K represents the perfect blend of hardware and software. On the hardware side, it uses a unique phased-array design with electronically-steered beams rather than mechanical antennas, reducing size, weight, power consumption and complexity. The radar is software adaptable so users can easily change and customize the system’s operation and performance parameters. For example, they can adjust the radar’s range to meet their specific needs or focus on certain types of objects. The radar is capable of discriminating between different types of targets.

Key features of the RDR-84K unit include:

  • Very small and lightweight, which enables users to install and network multiple units on their platform to further expand situational awareness
  • Networked units work together to provide a seamless, 360-degree view of the world all around the platform
  • Able to detect multiple objects simultaneously, the new radar can replace other sensors (like conventional radars, IR and HD cameras or LiDAR) on an autonomous platform, saving even more valuable real estate