BendixKing AeroCruze 230

AeroCruze Flight Control System

Bring your aircraft into the digital age. The AeroCruze ushers in a new generation of the legendary BendixKing flight control systems. Upgrade your legacy autopilot to a fully digital autopilot with advanced features such as a touch screen interface, straight and level and integrated altitude preselect.

The AeroCruze provides legacy KFC 150, KFC 200 and KFC 250 autopilot owners the simplest and most cost effective way to upgrade their autopilot. Using sophisticated algorithms, the AeroCruze is able to utilize your existing servos and associated hardware; significantly reducing installation cost and down time. As part of the upgrade, your existing servos will covered with a two year factory warranty to ensure the continued reliability you have come to expect. Installation on aircraft without an existing BendixKing legacy autopilot are also available.

The ergonomically designed AeroCruze gives pilots unprecedented ability to manage situational awareness in the cockpit. The fully digital autopilot uses advanced algorithms to provide enhanced precision and performance. AeroCruze will interface with both legacy and digital GPS navigators and Primary Flight Displays. The AeroCruze features a glove friendly touch screen with color display.


Flight Computer

The AeroCruze Flight Computer is the heart of the AeroCruze system. This unit is designed to fit within the existing form factor of the legacy KFC 150 flight computer. The AeroCruze has also been designed to be remote mounted to accommodate KFC 200 and 250 installations.

Mode Controller

The KMC 231 Mode Controller provides the pilot control and annunciation functions via a glove friendly, color LCD touch screen with dedicated controls for frequent tasks. With a unique mechanical design the KMC 231 seamlessly integrates with the AeroCruze computer, allowing it to fit in the same mechanical location of the panel mounted KFC 150 autopilot flight computer.


Attitude input comes from a digital attitude source provided by the KI 300 primary attitude indicator or another approved digital attitude source.


NAV VOR/ILS/GPS sources can be interfaced via a digital data bus or analog. AirData input is provided through a digital data bus. HSI interfaces can be through a digital data bus or analog using a KI 525A compatible legacy interface.

Annunciator Panel

The optional KAP 235 is designed to replace existing KA-185/KA-285 legacy annunciators on installations that will not allow the KMC 231 Mode Controller to be in the pilot’s normal field of view.

Autopilot functions

Altitude pre-select/alerter, GPS/ILS/VOR tracking and approaches. GPS Roll Steering (GPSS), VS, IAS. A 2 axis version is standard and a 3 axis version is available with an optional yaw damper.


        Certified Avionics Installations

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