Collision Avoidance - Product code "011-" (Unit Only or Service)

Professional or GA pilots will appreciate anti-collision system on board, which can prevent a mid air collision. In this category we offer sophisticated anti-collision systems, which will help you stay confident and comfortable during flight.

In this section we offer efficient and exact anti-collision systems from well-established manufacturers like Garmin, Ilevil and others. You’ll get not just the awareness about the other traffic, but also for example weather information or GPS position fix. Our anti-collision systems make sure that you will enjoy your flight to the most.

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Garmin GDL 51Garmin GDL 51
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Garmin GDL 51

Portable SiriusXM Receiver
Usually 2 weeks
€ 846,88
€ 699,90 excl. VAT
Garmin GDL 52Garmin GDL 52
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Garmin GDL 52

Portable SiriusXM/ADS-B Receiver
Usually 4 weeks
€ 1 320,59
€ 1 091,40 excl. VAT