The Evolution™ 1500H combines the powerful 1000H Pro PFD (Primary Flight Display) with the versatile 500H MFD (Multi-function Flight Display) to deliver a rugged, full-featured, exceptionally easy-to- use glass panel at the lowest price on the market.

And your fly-away cost is made even lower because Aspen’s patent-pending retrofit technology delivers substantially lower installation cost. There’s no need for costly new panel modifications; Evolution Flight Displays (EFDs) uniquely retrofit directly into your aircraft’s six-pack panel holes. The self-contained EFDs also don’t require the installation of heavy remote mount boxes. And since Evolution displays work with the avionics already in your panel - no matter what make - you don’t have to upgrade your GPS or radios.

The 1000H Pro PFD provides professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments, with a full-featured electronic HSI with moving map. The 500H MFD adds photo-quality moving maps, terrain awareness, geo-referenced charts and airport diagrams, and (with optional or existing sensors) traffic displays, WX500 Stormscope® display, and the full suite of XM WX® aviation weather products.

The modular Evolution EFDs are fully upgradable, so you can add comprehensive hazard awareness capabilities, new features, and even a second MFD to complete a three-display glass cockpit system. Evolution delivers greater flexibility since Aspen flight displays work with your existing GPS, radios, and traffic sensors - so you don’t have to upgrade them just for the sake of compatibility.

The Evolution 2000H combines the 1000H Pro PFD and the 1000H MFD to provide a system with MFD versatility as well as the safety and confidence of full PFD instrument redundancy. This Evolution Flight Display pair is an unbeatable duo that provides everything you need in an easy-to-use, full-featured glass cockpit for your helicopter.

Safety First. And Second. The cornerstone of aviation safety is redundancy. Aspen’s trailblazing Evolution 2000H is the only helicopter EFIS display that provides total system redundancy  – at less fly-away cost than any competing system.

Evolution 2000H’s safety architecture delivers an exclusive total backup ability that steam gauges and competing glass can’t match. From full PFD capability built into the MFD to dual redundant backup batteries, Evolution offers the only glass panel that can effectively eliminate heavy, unreliable steam instruments.

Aspen’s unique PFD/MFD window layout flexibility allows you to configure displays to prioritize critical flight data. Multiple views at your command significantly enhance situational awareness.

The Evolution™ 2500H combines the powerful 1000H Pro PFD (Primary Flight Display), the 1000H MFD (Multi-function Flight Display), and the 500H MFD to deliver Aspen’s total glass cockpit solution. The 1000H Pro PFD and 1000H MFD provide the safety and confidence of total PFD redundancy. The 500H MFD expands display area to put more flight data where you want it - the way you want it. Aspen makes the total glass cockpit experience for helicopters both easy-to-use and affordable with patent-pending retrofit technology and superior compatibility for substantially lower installation costs and total cost of ownership.

The 1000H Pro PFD provides professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments, a full-featured electronic HSI, and moving maps. The 1000H MFD doubles your panel’s display area and delivers full redundancy of critical systems and sensors. The 500H MFD rounds out the package to deliver the largest display area and most flexible glass panel on the market. All that display area also allows you to view your approach chart and moving map at the same time - cross check your position with ease!

The 1000H MFD incorporates the exact same hardware and software as the PFD, so these units give you two of everything, not just two displays: dual independent AHRS, Air Data Computers, compass systems, HSIs, and more.

With Aspen’s exclusive full PFD redundancy, if your PFD fails you simply press the 1000H MFD’s REV button and it becomes the PFD - converting into an identical backup right in your primary instrument scan. This identical PFD backup means less stress and potential confusion in a pressure situation. No other helicopter glass cockpit system gives you this level of redundancy and confidence at any price!

The Evolution 2500H Package delivers value pricing compared to installing the 1000H Pro PFD, 1000H MFD, and 500H MFD separately. Evolution Flight Displays are fully upgradable, so you can add comprehensive hazard awareness capabilities and other new features via software upgrades, without removing displays from your panel.

Aspen’s Evolution 1000 H Pro PFD (Primary Flight Display) EFIS display technology is a perfect fit for helicopter panels, with robust AHRS features and the latest in solid-state technology.

Special vibration isolation design meets the rigors of demanding helicopter operations. Unparalleled reliability and accuracy make every mission safer. Breakthrough pricing makes EFIS display technology available for a fraction of the cost of traditional EFIS systems.

The 1000 H Pro PFD delivers enhanced safety, reduced pilot workload and the flexibility to expand as your needs grow. The Pro H PFD is part of the Evolution Flight Display series, which can provide full PFD redundancy and many additional capabilities.

The 1000 H Pilot PFD is a lightweight, compact, and all solid-state digital replacement for legacy mechanical flight instruments and, like the rest of the Evolution Flight Display product line, is built upon robust Attitude and Heading Reference Sensor (AHRS) technology.

The Pilot H is geared towards helicopter operators that fly VFR-based missions and features easy to read airspeed and altitude tapes, an integral altitude alerter, a slaved directional gyro with heading bug, base map view with flight plan overlay, display of real-time winds aloft, outside air temperature, true airspeed, and ground speed, built-in backup battery and emergency GPS functionality.

The Pilot H delivers enhanced safety and reduced pilot workload, and the innovative Evolution form factor installs easily in existing helicopter instrument panels and eliminates bulky remote boxes and heavy wiring.

The Evolution 500H MFD (Multi-Function Display) provides the same wide array of MFD features as the 1000H MFD at a lower price by eliminating the duplicate sensor set and the ability to serve as a PFD backup. It’s a perfect MFD solution for the pilot who wants a more affordable glass panel expansion when adding on to the PFD. It’s also ideal as a third display to round out your glass cockpit six-pack replacement.


Evolution 1500H Evolution 2000H Evolution 2500H Evolution 1000H PRO PFD Evolution 1000H PILOT PFD Evolution 1000H MFD Evolution 500H MFD
Special vibration mount meets DO-160F helicopter vibration standards. + + + + + +
Airspeed and altitude tapes, with altitude alerter (and separate approach minimums alerting) + + + + +
Built-in GPS Steering(1) + + +
Full electronic HSI with dual bearing pointers + + +
Base map with flight plan legs and waypoints, curved flight paths(1), and nearby navaids + + + + +
Integral Air Data Computer and Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) + + +
Built-in backup battery + + + + + +
Optional EHA upgrade provides traffic and weather displays(2, 3) + + + + +
Lowest price full- featured glass panels for GA retrofit + + +
Advanced EFIS six-pack replacement + + +
The only upgradable PFD-only EFIS on the GA market + + +
Works with your panel’s existing avionics — nearly every GPS or nav radio + + +
Broadest autopilot/ flight director support + + +
Display of real--time winds aloft, OAT, TAS, ground speed + +
Slaved Directional Gyro with heading bug +
Built-in emergency GPS + +
Lightweight, compact, all solid-state + +
Duplicate sensor set providing full PFD redundancy +
May eliminate requirement for backup instruments +
Sectional-style moving maps with hazard awareness overlays + +
Charts and geo-referenced airport diagrams(4) + +
Customizable screen layouts + +
Evolution Hazard Awareness +
Built-in terrain awareness + +
Weather + +
WX500 Stormscope interface + +
Hi-res NEXRAD radar +
Radar coverage map +
Precipitation type (at surface) TFRs +
Echo tops Storm weather tracks +
Cloud tops Lightning +
Winds aloft (by altitude) METARs +
Satellite mosaic (by altitude) +
TAFs +
Three Independent LCD Displays - twice the MFD display area for enhanced situational awareness +
Redundant Solid-State Attitude Heading Reference Systems with Independent Gyro, Accelerometer and Magnetic Sensors +
Redundant Air Data Computers with Independent Airspeed & Altitude Pressure Transducers +
Redundant Emergency Batteries (30 Minutes Runtime or 2 Hours with Optional External Battery) +
Redundant Emergency GPS Receivers (optional) +
Dual Sixpack Displays +
Dual HSIs +
Dual GPSS Computers +
Evolution Synthetic Vision (optional) +
GPS flight plan map views, choose from 360º or Arc view +
Electronic Attitude Director Indicator (ADI) with airspeed and altitude tapes +
Approach mode with lateral and vertical deviation indicators and approach minimums alert +
Integral GPS Steering(4) +
Dual GPS and dual VHF nav support +
Autopilot & flight director integration +
Traffic and weather overlays (optional) +
Brilliant, direct sunlight-readable, 6-inch 760x400 TFT active matrix LCD display (140 pixels/inch) +

(1) With compatible GPS navigators

(2) Requires ARINC 735A compatible traffic system.

(3) Requires Aspen EWR50 Weather Receiver or equivalent.

(4) See for product availability dates.



General Specifications (per EFD):
Overall Dimensions 3.50” W x 7.00”H x 4.15”D
Weight 2.9 lbs. with mounting bracket
Display Type 6.0” Diagonal TFT Active Matrix LCD
Display Resolution 400x760
Display Backlight High Intensity White LED
Display Colors 32,768
Operational Specifications:
Operating Temp -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temp -55°C to +85°C
Max Operating Altitude (unpress.) 35,000 ft.
Cooling Integral Fan
Max Humidity 95% at 50°C
Input Voltage +8 to +32 Volts DC
Max Current 2.4 Amps @ 28 Vdc / 4.8 Amps @ 14 Vdc
I/O Specifications:
ARINC 429 Inputs 5 Low Speed
ARINC 429 Outputs 1 Low Speed
RS-232 Inputs 5
RS-232 Outputs 3
Pitot / Static Quick Connect
Certification Specifications:
FAA and EASA Technical Standard Orders TSO/ETSO: C2D, C3D, C4C, C6D, C8D, C10B, C106, C113
Software RTCA DO-178B Level C
Environmental RTCA DO-160E


Certified Avionics Installations