Transponder Encoders

Aircraft encoders are used to connect an altimeter to a transponder. Thanks to this instrument, the air traffic control will have a precise information about your position. We offer high quality aircraft altitude encoders, for example a model ACK-A-30.5. This one is supplied with an installation kit.

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€ 360

ACK A-30.5

Altitude Encoder, 30000 feet/100 feet

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€ 215,41 excl. VAT

ACK A-30.9

Altitude Encoder, 42000 feet/10 feet

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€ 356,49
€ 294,62 excl. VAT

Becker BE6400-01-(01)

Altitude Encoder

Usually within 8-12 weeks
€ 285,92
€ 236,30 excl. VAT