Features That the G500 TXi Can Do That Are Not Supported on the G3X System

Garmin G500 TXi Versus G3X Touch for Certificated Aircraft

Today we will look at the main differences in capabilities of two great cockpit systems from Garmin. Both exceptional flight displays, G500 TXi and G3X Touch™ for Certificated Aircraft bring many great features and add greater awareness in the air.

However, the G500 TXi offers higher reliability, better screen resolution, modern hardware and a smoother frame design. And there are features that the G500 TXi can do that are not supported on the G3X system. Let’s have a look at them straight away.

Panel with Garmin G500 TXi

Garmin G500 TXi:

  • Is also designed for twin-engine aircraft.
  • Fully supports even non-Garmin autopilots from BendixKing or S-TEC.
  • Has support for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) operations.
  • Enables pilot/copilot PFD installations.
  • Offers additional third-party inputs and outputs thanks to GAD 43e adapter.
  • Has 3rd-party NAV radio support on the on-screen HIS.
  • Supports airborne weather radar - BendixKing RDR 2000 and Garmin GWX series.
  • Has support for the GDL69A, GDL88, and GSR56 datalinks.
  • Enables more display configurations. Only four are certified for the G3X Touch, while at least 28 are certified for the TXi.
  • You can stream EIS data in real-time through Flight Stream 510 to Garmin Pilot.
  • Offers two standby flight instrument options - Garmin GI 275 and G5.
  • Supports database update via Database Concierge.

Panel with Garmin G3X Touch

On the other hand, the G3X Touch™ for Certificated Aircraft enables remote control of advanced audio functions of the GMA™ 245R audio panel (PMA) right from the touch screen and remote control of up to two COMM radios (such as the GTR 225, GNC® 255, GNC 355 or GTN™ Xi series) and a transponder.

Also, it won’t be fair to forget to mention the features of G3X:

  • Can display ADS-B “In” weather and traffic information when connected with a GNX™ 375 navigator, GTX™ 345 transponder or GDL® 50R or GDL 52R receiver.
  • Fully supports Garmin autopilots. Third-party autopilots require to keep some original parts.
  • Enables GAD 42 DME interconnection.
  • Includes support for Stormscope systems.
  • Supports TAS and TCAS.
  • Garmin G5 can be used as a standby.
  • When paired with GEA 24, it can display primary engine information.
  • Cost-effective solution.

Then again, the G3X Touch for Certificated Aircraft has its limits:

  • Only for single-engine piston aircraft.
  • Maximum gross takeoff weight is 6 000 lbs.
  • Aircraft can have a maximum of 6 seats.
  • Doesn’t support RVSM.
  • Doesn’t support weather radars BendixKing RDR 2000 and Garmin GWX series. (Weather radar can be connected to GTN.)

If you are not sure which of these systems is the right fit for your aircraft, you can always contact us for a free installation consultation or you can read more about each product: